How To Make Money Ghostwriting

Who are these people who write words for someone else – often without credit – and then move on to the next job, switching voices and styles like an actor taking on new parts?

Although few writers may dream of effacing themselves from the authorial role, ghostwriting can be lucrative for people with the right skills. It also can be done while pursuing one's projects.

What Is Ghostwriting?

Many people need to produce writing for which they either lack the time or ability to create themselves. In these situations, a ghostwriter can shepherd a project from idea to completion, helping to orient the voice and structure before taking on the writing.

Ghostwriting exists across most forms of written content, whether it's articles, nonfiction books, novels, or various kinds of scriptwriting for videos.

Sometimes these writers are even hired by public figures such as celebrities or politicians who want to share their stories but need assistance getting them into written form.

Sometimes, there may be a reference to the ghostwriter as the person to whom the story is told – or even full recognition as a co-writer – but writers should not go into this field expecting their name front and center on the work.

How Does Credit Work in Ghostwriting?

The critical skill for anyone getting into ghostwriting is writing well with versatility, which it's necessary to read widely to achieve.

How Do Ghostwriters Learn Their Craft?

Maintaining a blog, freelancing articles online, publishing short stories, or putting out a book are all ways to develop the skills and credentials to succeed as a ghostwriter.

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