How to Make Money in One Hour 

14 Legit Ways to Earn Cash

Whether you have a demanding nine-to-five job or your life is already chaotic, there are still ways to make extra money that aren't time-consuming and don't require a lot of hard work.

Even with a packed schedule, the key to making money is learning how to make money in one hour. From online tutoring to dog walking and selling unwanted household items, there is no shortage of different ways to make a little money with a side gig.

So, if you can spare just one hour of your busy week, here are 14 legitimate ways to generate extra income.

While you definitely won't get rich taking online surveys, they're still a good choice if you need extra spending money or want free gift cards. Some online survey companies will pay you to take surveys, watch videos, shop online, and complete simple tasks.

Take Paid Surveys

You can rent out your attic, driveway, parking spot, or garage and Neighbor even provides free insurance for both you and your future renters.

Get Paid for Your Extra Space

Cashback apps give you a certain percentage of money back on your purchases. However, the percentage often differs depending on the retailer you shop at.

Use Cashback Apps

One of the easiest ways to make money in one hour is by playing games on your mobile device. It's unlikely you'll earn a lot of money but it's still a good option to get free money while doing something fun that requires little effort.

Play Games on Your Phone

Sometimes there are specific requirements for you to receive the bonus, such as having the account open for a certain amount of time, signing up for direct deposit, or spending a certain amount of money on the card that is tied to the account.

New Bank Account Bonuses

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