How To Make Money On Facebook and 14 Ways People Are Doing It

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. While this feels like a generic statement, take a moment to visualize 2.4 billion people on the plant spending anywhere from 5 minutes to the average 145 minutes on social media.

No reason to bury the lead. Here are the more unique ways on how to make money on Facebook. As we go down this list, we'll start with the most interesting money-making ideas and end with the more obvious.

Create & Sell Facebook Messenger Chatbot

As businesses use Facebook more and more to engage with their audiences, they're finding direct messaging to be the most personable. However, unless you're a large company, most businesses lack the staffing to respond timely. This pain point has resulted in the rise of Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

Find Popular Social Media Memes and Turn Them Into Swag

Suppose you're someone who regularly scrolls through Facebook, finding the funniest daily memes. Consider using your expertise to identify the best memes/jokes/news and creating a graphic to sell on mugs, shirts, art, and more.

Create & Host Events on Facebook Events Tool

Bloggers, Influencers, and more regularly use Teachable, Udemy, and more to sell online courses and host events for their audiences. Instead of those platforms costing you to play middle-man, let Facebook Events host instead.

Find A New Job on Facebook

Getting a new job feels obvious, but Facebook has expanded its job portal extensively over the last couple of years. Facebook is hoping to compete with Craigslist and Indeed on job postings connected to each company's Facebook Business Accounts. Check out Facebook's Jobs Page to see the type of opportunities available on their job board.

Join a Sweepstakes Facebook Group and Enter in Bulk

There are thousands of sweepstakes starting daily. While these are randomized for the winners, it's super easy to play. All groups of people subscribe to Facebook Groups centered around sweepstakes and enter new games daily. When all you have to submit is an email address, there isn't much to lose.