How To Make Money on OnlyFans

Without Showing Your Face

Create a new email address and use it to set up an anonymous OnlyFans account. You can create an anonymous profile by using a profile picture that does not give away your identity.

Build a Brand

Without showing their face, many successful OnlyFans creators invest in good lighting and cameras. 

Content Quality Matters

Adopt a unique stage name that you'll use for your online presence.   It should be easy to remember and should attract your fans and subscribers.

Create a New You

For those interested in selling foot pictures, there is a dedicated fan base on OnlyFans with a foot fetish. Make sure to take photos of your feet that are well-groomed and visually appealing to attract this audience.

Selling Pictures

You want to keep your identity secret. Furthermore, mentioning your location – especially if you don't live in a large city – may reveal your identity.

Do Not Expose Your Location

While you can block viewers from specific countries from seeing your profile, you can also block out specific users by way of their IP address. Just enter the IP information and save the changes.


Avoid distinguishing scars or tattoos.


You can maintain anonymity while sharing content by blurring your images or cropping out your face.

Use Photo Editing Tools