How to Make Money with 3D Printing

3D printing has taken off in recent years, with many small businesses producing niche goods that would have otherwise never existed.

As technology improves over the coming years, more use cases and ways of earning a living from 3D printing will surely pop up. Here are some of the most popular avenues at the moment.

Major marketplaces like Cults3D, MyMiniFactory, or CGTrader will take a percentage of sales, but if a designer gains a foothold, it could lead to a nice stream of passive income.

Selling Files of 3D Models

Companies and individuals developing new products hire 3D modelers and printers to bring them to life. If someone is getting into 3D printing, adding a sideline in prototyping won't hurt, as on-demand services have no sunk cost in terms of time.

Product Modeling

There is a vast trade in objects made with 3D printers. Most of it is online, but selling items in brick-and-mortar stores through a distributor or at crafts fairs or conventions is possible too.

Selling 3D Printed Objects

If someone owns a 3D printer not in use, there may be someone out there willing to rent it.

Renting Out 3D Printers

While not the most profitable 3D-printing niche, it's helpful to be aware that small extra income can be earned by renting out printers on platforms like FatLlama.

Many companies would like to integrate 3D printing into their operations but don’t know if it's the right fit for them. A consultant role has emerged to help make these assessments.


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