How To Make Money With Your Smartphone (Legit & Simple Ways)

Technology has enabled many things, and one of them is making money online. So if you're in need of some extra cash, here's how to make money with your smartphone.


This is an app that gives you cash back for items you purchase most often – groceries. Download the Ibotta app to your mobile device and browse the app for your favorite offers. 


Swagbucks is an excellent way of earning money in multiple ways. You can watch entertaining videos, share your opinion by taking polls or paid surveys, and shop online. You will earn points for each activity you complete.


The UserTesting format differs from other apps or websites featured on this list. While other websites require you to make a purchase to earn cashback, UserTesting is completely different. Instead, you earn money by testing apps and websites with UserTesting.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel tracks your data and checks your behavioral pattern as a user. It will see what kind of apps you're using and in which capacity you're doing so and requires virtually no effort on your part.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel


If you enjoy photography, Foap is a good app for you. You can sell your images on Foap for $5 each. Of course, you have to take quality pictures, but it's not a requirement to use a DSLR to take these photos.

Stop letting your unused clothing and other items clutter up your space! Gather all your unwanted stuff and sell it on Depop. Set your own prices and sell your items to recoup some of the money you spent and declutter your space.


Amazon Flex

If you have some extra time, sign up for Amazon Flex and get paid to deliver Amazon orders. Amazon Flex drivers get paid $18 to $25 daily. Your smartphone is essential since you have to download this app, check your scheduled deliveries and get directions to the Amazon pickup locations.

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