How To Make Money Without a Job: 16 Epic Ways!

Are you looking for an alternative way to make money outside of the 9 to 5? 

What if we could make a living in a way that offers more flexibility, less time commitment, and more income? 

I rank each money-making method on a scale of effort, with “10” requiring the most hustle to make moola and “1” being utterly effortless money in the bank. 

Invest in Dividend Stocks

If managed correctly, dividend investing can be a great way to grow your wealth and provide passive income. 

Effort Level Required: 2 

Invest in Real Estate

You just need to uncover a real estate strategy that works best for you. The approach you choose will determine how much effort is required. 

Effort Level Required: 2-6 Depending on Investment Type 

Save on Taxes

By doing your taxes efficiently, you're saving yourself money without putting in much work. In this way, you're “making money” without a job! 

Effort Level Required: 3-4