How to Make Rose Water at Home 3 Ways – Easy DIY Homemade Recipe

Rose water is a liquid made from roses and water with many different uses and benefits.

Its origins can be traced back to the Middle Ages, and the Middle East has been a long-time staple in natural beauty products and boasts a myriad of health and therapeutic benefits.

Rose water is an excellent addition to any homemade beauty products such as DIY setting spray, natural perfume, and face masks.

Adding homemade rose water to your hair care routine can act as a natural astringent for the scalp, aid in hydration for dry hair, and even help with hair growth problems.

And while there is no shortage of rose water products to be found online and in stores, if you prefer to make your own beauty products, these simple DIY recipes will walk you through the process.

Before You Begin

To make rose water, you'll want to use distilled water. Available in any grocery store, distilled water is the best option as it is free from any harmful chemicals you want to avoid ingesting or putting on your skin.

Choosing the Right Roses

Aside from using the essential oil method, you'll also need about 3-4 cups of fresh rose petals. Using roses from your garden is the best option, and cutting your roses in the morning will yield the most fragrant blooms.

If purchasing roses, choosing organic is preferred as they will be free from pesticides. You may want to cut and display your roses first until the petals begin to wilt, then use them to make rose water.

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