How To Negotiate Salaries: 15 Tips To Get What You’re Worth

Why do the majority of job seekers neglect salary negotiation? 

According to a Payscale study, there are several reasons. Two stand out: study respondents reported feeling uncomfortable with the salary negotiation process and not wanting to seem pushy.

Rather than simply taking the initial offer, you can learn how to negotiate salaries confidently without seeming pushy. The following salary negotiation tips will help. 

Know Your Budget

A prospective employer doesn’t care and won’t ask how much money you spend every month. If you have no idea what your housing costs are or how much you spend on food, transportation, and other expenses, you might accept a starting salary that will not cover your needs. 

Know Your Worth

If you enter a salary discussion without researching, you put yourself at a disadvantage. A hiring manager has no obligation to make you a competitive offer. Thorough research helps you recognize when a salary offer is below market value. 

Avoid Discussing Salary History

Some cities and states have banned employers from asking questions about salary history, but it could come up. Avoid disclosing your salary history if asked about it during an interview.