How To Pay For College

7 of the Best Money Saving Tips

Sometimes it can be overwhelming thinking about college just because the costs are so high. “How in the world am I ever going to afford this? Will I need to go into debt? Is there any way for me to pay for college?”

We'll run through 7 different tips that could help make college costs easier for you to handle. Ready to learn how to pay for college? Let's dive right in.

Grants From the Government

The first step to applying for a grant is filling out a FAFSA form. As soon as you do this, various state and institutional scholarships and the federal Pell Grant (a type of financial aid from the government that you don't need to repay) will become available to you.

Then, if you're still struggling with costs, consider applying to state-level grants. Each state is different, but there are usually many programs benefitting many groups of people.

Financial Aid From the School

Many schools across the US offer need-based financial aid, meaning they will help you cover the portion of your tuition and college costs that you can't afford. Financial aid differs from a scholarship in that a scholarship is typically merit-based.

This means that you need to “earn” your scholarship by being excellent in your academics, extracurriculars, or some combination of the two. With need-based financial aid, you don't need to worry about this.


A lot of scholarships do indeed go towards athletes and other “accomplished” individuals. Still, you might be surprised to learn that you can get scholarships doing pretty simple tasks.

For example, the Evans Scholars Foundation provides full-ride scholarships to plenty of students across the nation every year. How can you be eligible? Become a golf caddie for two years! That's something that almost anyone can do.

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