Queasy Travellers Rejoice!

These 10 Tips Will Help You Beat Airsickness

If the mere thought of flying sends your stomach into a spin, you're not alone. Airsickness is one of the most common travel complaints, but there's no need to let it ruin your trip.

Ensuring a safe and stress-free holiday can be difficult, especially with ongoing delays worldwide, and this can be intensified for those who suffer from air sickness on planes.

As we head into the busy holiday season for air travel, the experts at Travel Lens have shared their top tips for avoiding airsickness. So whether you're jetting off for an autumn getaway or just traveling for work, follow these tips, and you'll feel right as rain in no time.

Pick a Seat Carefully

Typically the middle, the wing, and closer to the front of the plane are the best places to sit, as this is where the journey feels most stable. Avoid the back of the plane as seats here can be subject to more turbulence.

Fresh air can help to ease feelings of dizziness and nausea, so it's important to utilize the air vents above the seats to keep the air circulating. Take deliberate, slow breaths to regulate your breathing. This will help you use the part of your neurological system that relaxes you.

Switch on the Air

Put the Book Down

Reading books can usually be relaxing; however, it can be quite the opposite for sufferers of motion sickness. When you read, your eyes have to adjust more frequently to the movement of the pages or screen, which can worsen symptoms.

Focusing on a fixed horizontal line will help the body to make sense of the confusing array of movements. The more stability the brain has, the less likely airsickness symptoms will occur.

Fix Your Gaze

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol can dehydrate the body quickly, exacerbating symptoms, so it may be best to opt for a soda. Wait until symptoms have completely subsided before you consider having a drink, or a better option is to wait until you land.

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