How To Save Money in College 

Here Are 33 of The Best Ways

It's no secret that college can be expensive. Books, tuition, room, and board all add up quickly. However, there are ways to save money while you're in school. With some planning and thinking outside the box, you can save more money than you think.

So whether you're a freshman just starting college or a senior about to graduate, read on for some helpful tips.

A budget is crucial for the school year. Track how much you make, spend, and plan, so you only spend what you have. 

Start a Budget

Many banks have student accounts that minimize or even waive all fees. If your bank is charging you a monthly account fee or other fees, find a new bank.

Get a Free Checking Account

Do not overdraft on your bank account, in other words, do not spend more money than your checking account. With overdraft protection, the bank will still allow you to use your debit card or write checks, even if you don't have enough cash to cover it.

Don't Overdraft Your Account

Being a student has its perks. Nearby businesses might offer student discounts. Restaurants, movie theaters, and other establishments might give you a deal if you show them your valid student ID card.

Look for Student Discounts

Many services also offer discounts. Amazon Prime has a special student price. You can even get a discount on a Spotify Premium bundle that includes Hulu and Showtime as a student.

Seek Out Education Discount

Many college campuses have libraries with on-campus managers that can help you with assignments, recommend books for your leisure time, and offers resources and activities to help you excel.

Use The Library

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