How to Sell Feet Pics for Extra Money

Businesses, stock photo sites, modeling agencies, digital marketers, movie production companies, journalists/bloggers, and foot lovers are looking for foot pics to sell products, illustrate feet conditions, or display foot images. 

Regularly uploading pictures for top-dollar from the comfort of your home could bring in some much-needed passive income for those extra things in your budget or maximize your investments.

How Does Selling Feet Pics Work?

1.  Take high-quality      pictures of your feet. 2. Decide where you want      to sell your photographs. 3. Promote your photos      through social media or      your blog.

There’s no one way to do it. These pics are being sold via websites dedicated to selling pictures of feet, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and personal blogs.

Pro-tip: You always want to use a watermark to prevent people from downloading your images without paying. And I recommend receiving payment before sending any high-quality photos to buyers.

Yes, absolutely! Selling feet pics is legitimate. Companies and individuals buy foot pics for a variety of reasons.

Is Felling Feet Pics Legitimate?

Do you remember the movie Boomerang with Eddie Murphy? Well, Murphy had a bit of a foot fetish, and there was a scene where someone modeled their feet (both good and bad looking feet).

Movie producers are looking for foot models all the time. Whether it’s for video or print, there’s a market. And the market extends beyond movies.

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