The 8 Best Places To Sell Used Furniture

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Craigslist is the original online classifieds–it's free, it's local, and it's a buyer-to-seller platform.

1. Craigslist

2. Facebook Marketplace


Facebook is becoming all things, so it's no surprise that their online marketplace is a huge local selling venue. 

3. Local Newspaper


 You'll pay for your ad by the line, and if you want boldface type or your text in a box, that's extra.

4. Consignment Shops


Consignment stores are a good bet if you've got better quality used furniture, and you're not in a hurry for cash.

5. OfferUp


This free online classified app lets you list your used furniture in minutes. Simply upload pictures and write a description from your phone.

6. Bookoo


Bookoo says that it’s a “site made by yard sale fans, for yard sale fans.” Bookoo was started to help people do less running around town to find bargains.

7. Used Furniture Stores


A used furniture store is another great option. Some stores appraise your second-hand furniture and provide you with a quote on the spot.

8. Antique Stores


If you have valuable antique furniture it's probably best to look for an antique store that is experienced with selling higher-priced items.