How To Sell on Amazon: A 5 Step Guide

It is hard to argue with selling your product on Amazon, given their global e-commerce leadership. 

Amazon's third-party selling partners are nearly 2 million small- and medium-sized businesses. At the end of 2021, 56% of Amazon's sales came from these businesses.

There are many benefits of selling on Amazon:  – Affordable pricing for built-in infrastructure – Offers packing and shipping

Benefits of Selling on Amazon

These restricted products are a mix of potentially unethical or illegal items (e.g., alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia) or products that may not comply with federal, state, local laws, or Amazon's policies.

Amazon Restricted Product

Five Steps How To Sell on Amazon

You can use Google Trends to see what products are popular. Niche products in categories like fashion, arts & crafts, and housewares tend to be in demand.

Step 1: Research Your Product's Viability

It would be best if you understand the following factors:  - The market's competitive nature  - Is there strong demand?  - What is the barrier to entry?  - Other Selling Options

There are two ways to sell on Amazon, and some sellers use both methods.

Two Selling Methods: Fulfilled by Merchant and Fulfilled by Amazon

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