How To Sell on Amazon: An Easy 5 Step Guide

It is hard to argue with selling your product on Amazon, given their global e-commerce leadership.  Still, Amazon is unquestionably America's largest and most popular e-commerce marketplace.

It is relatively easy to sell on Amazon once you have a viable product, as the company guides sellers through the five steps we discuss. Their selling guide provides videos and content.

– Massive reach gives small businesses international exposure – Attractive sales channel – Bestows sellers with credibility and trust

Benefits of Selling on Amazon

Five Steps How to Sell on Amazon

If your product is not restricted, you need to determine the viability of your product by doing some research to target customers.

Step 1: Research Your Product's Viability

Amazon gives specific directions to those who want to Become an Amazon Seller on how to create an account. We provide those directions here for your convenience.

Step 2:  Create Your Account on Amazon

You can sell many products, categories, and brands, but review their list of restricted products. Some types may require a professional plan.

Step 3. Add Product

Once your products are ready and listed in Amazon's stores, Amazon provides three suggestions for attracting customers, which may result in higher costs, impacting margins.

Step 4: Attracting Customers and Sale

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