How to Spot a Bad Boss While Job Searching

When you're involved in a job search, it’s easy to get caught up in focusing on all of the tangible aspects you’re looking for in your new position.

But have you considered some of the aspects of a new job that aren’t on paper? What about the type of boss that you require for your next position?

Realistically, your boss will enormously impact your life both personally and professionally. And they can affect your future career growth for years to come, so it’s worth watching for red flags during your job search process.

Before meeting your boss, consider all of the ways that you can potentially interact with them. Look up employee reviews and research the manager on LinkedIn.

Before The Interview

Ideally, you’ll want to discover a well-spoken industry professional. Do they convey a tone of arrogance or appear to have less-than-professional interactions with anyone who reports to them?

How to Spot a Bad Boss While Job Searching | Wealth of Geeks

Your interview is the best opportunity to analyze your prospective boss. For starters, they should show up on time and work to create a good impression.

During The Interview

While interviewing, managers shouldn’t be answering texts or taking phone calls. Honestly, that’s disrespectful regardless of title or position.

After you’ve finished your interview, did you feel like you just ended up having a fantastic conversation full of possibilities? Or, does your gut tell you that something’s amiss?

After The Interview

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