How to Write A Book – The Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to writing a book, or even getting it published, bad advice is everywhere. The same is true for completing a manuscript.  Yet while understanding writing and craft is essential, it won't be the focus of this guide because, in truth, being able to write doesn't guarantee you can finish a book.

How to Write a Book

1. Pick the Right Hook

What is a hook? Simply put, it's the big book idea driving your story. Later, once you've finished your manuscript, you will use this hook to pitch your novel to readers, agents, publishers, and whomever else you might be targeting. Here'

2. Decide What Type of Writer You Are: Plotter or Pantser

Plotter: when it comes to writers, this will be the more common grouping. To be a plotter means what it sounds like―you enjoy plotting out your story.  Pantser: this means you ‘write by the seat of your pants.’ That phrase refers to the fact that you don’t do any planning before writing. Falling into this category says that you are comfortable with ambiguity. 

3. Establish the Easiest Possible Routine

Arriving at the perfect routine is much easier said than done. Write too little, and you may feel discouraged about your progress (or lack thereof), but writing too much may lead to the worst of all possible outcomes―burnout. 

4. See the Story Through, Even if it Stinks!

Some days are going to be clear skies and smooth sailing. Others, on the other hand, may feel like pulling teeth. But you're not thinking about writing a good book. No, your goal is getting through the draft. And, as long as you stay the course and trust the process, you will get through it.