This is How to Write a Story (Expert Tips for Writing Great Stories)

Before you put pen to paper, it's essential to establish what the writing process looks like so you can set yourself up for the greatest success. 

You may have learned the writing process in elementary school – but I'm guessing it's been a minute. Whenever you are writing your stories, whether it be for a book, for a speech, for a blog, or a Facebook post, you will go through the following five steps. 

Before You Write

Get it all out, and don't worry about spelling, punctuation, flow, grammar, or any of the details. Just write ideas. 

The First Draft

Here's the part where you start writing your first rough draft. Start to put some structure to your thoughts. Again, don't worry about perfection. Perfection inhibits progress. 


What parts do you want to stay? What parts don't serve the story? Is there a part you want to re-write? You can start to get more critical here to ensure quality. 


Now you can get picky. You can do punctuation, spelling, sentence structure yourself. Or outsource this part if you feel more comfortable – especially with a book.