How ‘Yellowjacket’s Soundtrack is a Masterclass Music Curation Story

With the first season of Yellowjackets in the bag, fans are left to obsess over the many mysteries the finale’s cliffhanger posed. As we await the already-confirmed second season to hit the air, we’ve got the time to delve into how characters, performances, scripts, and other elements came together to create a compelling mystery.

One of the many things Yellowjackets used to its benefit was its soundtrack, which pulled in a mix of new and old, Top 40 and more obscure tracks, to add a little something extra to so many scenes.

When it comes to songs being a part of the story, Yellowjackets is a master class in placing music that tells us something about what the characters are going through that couldn’t be read in performance or dialogue.

The first song of the series drops us right into 1996 with “Today,” which was released in 1993 but even today sees heavy rotation on playlists featuring hits of the mid-’90s. 

“Supernova” by Liz Phair to “Informer” by Snow

Best friends Jackie and Shauna are doomed to experience a serious friend break-up before the show’s end, and sadly, that’s the very least of their problems. 

Decades later, Shauna continues to live in Jackie’s shadow, with many noting that Jackie was especially wonderful without adding anything about Shauna. Yet, even in their first moments on the screen, Jackie kicks Shauna’s Liz Phair tape out to listen to blast “Informer” by Snow, letting us see that there are differences between the two that may prove insurmountable.