Hulu Live TV Review: Is Hulu Worth The Cost? {$$$}

Hulu has been around for a long time. It is what we would call one of the OG’s of cable TV alternatives. 

They’ve excelled at this, and have both content and pricing that will meet the expectations of any looking to cut the cord. 

Hulu’s primary streaming content revolves around TV shows. The platform has expanded its offerings to original series that are both popular and diverse. 

Classics like 30 Rock and Seinfeld are some of the more popular throwbacks you can find on Hulu. If you’re interested in some of the original series that Hulu offers, be sure to check out The Handmaid’s Tale or Harlots. 

If today’s television is your preferred choice, Hulu offers popular programming from networks such as ABC, CBS, and NBC. 

With a slightly delayed release schedule, you can keep up to date on all of your favorite programs without paying the price of traditional cable.