These 7 Nonverbal Expressions on Zoom Are Hurting Your Career

Zoom has become a big part of your daily work life if you work from home. According to Zoom, people spend around an hour on each Zoom call. 

That’s enough time for other participants to notice what you’re doing, and believe it or not, they only need to look at your facial expressions to figure out what you’re thinking. 

The next time you’re in a remote video call, pay attention to your facial expressions and nonverbal gestures to make sure they are not secretly hurting your career. 

Raising or lowering your brow.

Furrows are little wrinkles in your forehead, often caused by raising your eyebrows. And, it’s a nearly universal sign that you’re either confused or worried.  

Shaking your head no.

In some contexts, shaking no is perfectly acceptable. But in others, it can be perceived as a condescending reaction to something that you don’t like. 

Always looking elsewhere.

If you never look at the camera, that’s a clear sign that you’re probably not paying attention. 

Tightening the lips.

People can usually pick out fake smiles. When we smile with tight or hidden lips, we unconsciously express displeasure or dishonesty. 

Biting your lips.

If you bite your lips before speaking or giving an answer to a question, you’re nonverbally communicating to other people that you’re about to say something that you don’t believe. 

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