People Are Ditching Hustle Culture and “Ready to Coast” — Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing For Women

It’s time to stop perpetuating hustle culture and start promoting healthier work habits. The answer? Coasting culture.

Coasting culture doesn’t actually mean you’re “coasting” on the job — it just means you’re being more resourceful and equipping yourself to utilize the time you are working better.

Here’s why it’s time to embrace this model and ditch hustle culture for good.

How often have you heard a friend or colleague humble-brag that they were working until 11 p.m.? That’s not something to glorify or aspire to!

We’ll stop glorifying overwork.

We’ll value work-life balance more.

Work-life balance is critical, and factors like the pandemic have challenged the concept for so many of us.

Anxiety, depression, burnout and exhaustion are common results of overwork. It’s time to take charge of our mental health and respect ourselves.

We’ll respect our own mental health.

It’s great if you love your job, but it’s not all there is in life — and people who make work their whole lives don’t tend to be very happy overall, according to research

We’ll get more enjoyment from non-work activities.

It’s not the number of hours you work — it’s the quality of the work you produce in that time.

We’ll be more productive.

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