Extreme Hypermilers Share Their Tips to Save Money at the Pump

Extreme hypermilers – also known as ecodrivers – are those who have mastered the art of being efficient with their engines. 

When gas prices rise dramatically, their driving techniques and hacks more than offset the hit to their wallets. 

Drive Less

It’s a tip that a lot of everyday drivers take for granted, but to a hypermiler, any trip that can be taken without driving is a successful trip. 

If you live within walking distance to your gym or your grocery store and you use your vehicle to get there, your fuel economy is taking a massive hit.  

Track Your Fuel Consumption

Next time you put gas into your car, open your note-taking app on your phone and record the date, the amount of gas you bought and how much it cost. 

Being more aware of your fuel consumption will make you more aware of the amount you are spending on it, and often will translate into a less aggressive driving style that will help your fuel economy. 


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