I Used These 5 Money Principles To Retire In My 30s

Not everyone will be able to retire at 35. I am not under the illusion that if we all would follow the exact path I did, that we would all be happily unemployed in our mid 30s. 

But, I do firmly believe that achieving financial freedom is within the grasp of a lot of us. More than we probably realize. It may not be easy. It might take sacrifice. 

But, it’s there. It’s reachable. All you need to do is reach for it. 

Make financial freedom your goal

Financial freedom – as with getting into shape, takes drive and dedication, and the first step is to make it our primary goal. What drives us. We need to want it. 

Invest in appreciating assets

Saving money is better than spending it, but wealth is built by investing our money into appreciating assets. Nobody ever got rich just by saving it, either. 


Automation helps to ensure those repeatable and dependable processes that need to happen every month…happen. We aren’t relying on our discipline to pay bills to avoid late fees and interest.