10 Stupid Ways Most People Waste Money

Even the cheapest people on the planet have moments of stark stupidity. And sometimes that stupidity costs so much money. 

Here are the ten ways most Americans waste so much money. 

Not Measuring Laundry Detergent

According to Bloomberg, energy and water-efficient washers have to lead to declining detergent sales. Have you noticed that the laundry detergent cap is sooo much large than what is required? 

Throwing Away Bottles/Tubes Without Getting the Last Bit of Product Out

Those squeeze tubes of lotion that no amount of squeezing will get that last little bit out of. Or those bottles of cleaning spray that never have an internal sprayer tube long enough to get the last few drops out of the bottom of the container. 

Throwing Away Leftover Food

According to, Save The Food, an average family of four tosses out over 1500 dollars of food a year. Wow!  

Using Too Many Paper Towel

In a report by the Atlantic, the U.S dominates the globe in paper towel consumption, with the U.S spending nearly 6 billion on paper towels in 2017. The average family uses two rolls of paper towels a week. A 24 pack of Bounty at Walmart is $19.88 or 82.8 cents a roll. Ditching paper towels all could save nearly $100 a year.