10 Illegal Things People in the Right Professions Get To Do

Recently a Redditor asked, “What is something that your profession allows you to do that would otherwise be illegal?” The responses are unbelievable, and some are humorous. So here are the top-voted reactions to the original poster (OP's) question.

Redditor beefstewforyou shared, “I test fire alarm systems, so I pull the pull stations all the time.” American_Brewed admitted, “You have a lot of people's dream job and deepest desire.”

Pulling Fire Alarms

GeorgeWFrance answered, “Poison people.” But they left it open-ended for these responses: chemotherapy tech, Oncologist, and marketing, for sure. However, OP clarified that they are a bartender.

Poison People

Ok_Fix5746 answered, “Sell and distribute drugs. Without the Pharmacy, things might get sketchy selling pills on the street, haha.”

Drug Sales and Distribution

The top-voted guesses include TikTok moderator, Facebook content moderator, high school teacher, gardener, and military.

Upset-Sea6029 answered, “Set off tons of explosives.” One user joked, “I love the demo range,” and another joked, “Laxative beta tester.” But the OP clarified their profession as a miner allows him to set off tons of explosives.

Set off a Ton of Explosives

Redditor toomunchkin answered, “Chop up people's bones.” And people guessed DNA researcher, mortician, and serial killer before OP edited the post to include their profession in Orthopaedic Surgery.

Chopping Bones

Redditor wzl46 stated, “Throw people out of an airplane from more than 2 miles above the earth's surface.” Loganp812 brought out their inner Bane, “Perhaps he's wondering why you would shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane.”

Throwing People Out of an Airplane

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