Take Pause Before Posting These 4 Things on Social Media

The thing I tell my clients is that they are adults. They can obviously post whatever they want online. 

But I also encourage them to first give it some thought. What is motivating them to post? Who will see the information if they post it? What are the pros and cons of posting? 

The following are four categories of social media posts that I advise clients to think about before sharing on social media. 

Religious or political beliefs

I recently spoke with a hiring manager who said that he had a candidate with a political affiliation listed on her resume. As hard as he was trying not to let it sway his opinion of her, it was. 

I asked him if he thought it would affect her ability to perform the job. He said no. In the end, he wound up hiring her. But the information she provided on her resume without a doubt resulted in the hiring manager forming a judgment about her that could have cost her the job. 

Feelings about former bosses, coworkers, or managers

If you feel like you’ve been wronged by a current or former boss or co-worker, it’s natural to feel angry and want to post about it online. However, it’s also important to think about who will potentially read the post.