I’m a Recruiter — I Advise My Clients To Avoid Posting These 5 Things on Social Media

One of the biggest changes to job hunting in the past couple of decades is the increasing presence of social media.

Social networks have opened new channels for connecting with professionals and searching for jobs (LinkedIn, anyone?), but they don’t come without risks.

While we all want to be ourselves and speak freely, there are a few things you should avoid posting during your search – or really, anytime.

It should go without saying that such sentiments can harm your professional reputation. It's also flat-out harmful to others; don't do it.

1. First, Let's Get This Out of the Way: Never Post Anything Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Ageist, or Otherwise Discriminatory.

Most of us have experienced burnout, work stress, or a job we flat-out hated, and it’s natural to want to vent.

2. Don't Share Disparaging Commentary About Companies You’ve Worked For.

Looking for a new job is, as they say, a full-time job in and of itself. It’s exhausting, it can be upsetting, and it puts you in a position of feeling interrogated and judged.

Keep Your Anger About the Job Hunting and Interviewing Process Under Wraps.

Social media helps us connect and stay in touch, so it’s natural to post about fun times with friends. While the corporate world should have a blanket understanding that everyone has a life outside of work, not every company has caught up.

Only Show Good Judgment, Especially Regarding the Law.

While you may be comfortable sharing about your health or family, you likely don’t want to share it with your interviewers or future boss.

Ensure Any Sensitive Personal Information Is Private.

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