Review: ‘I’m Not in Love’ is a Bitter, Albeit Indecisive Anti-Rom-Com

I’m Not in Love is every thirty-something-year-old woman’s nightmare, especially one whose biological clock is anxiously ticking. After dating his girlfriend Marta (Cristina Catalina) for a little too long, Rob (Al Weaver) is delivered an ultimatum—put up, or shut up. 

She wants to get married and have kids before she turns forty and he is decidedly uncertain if he even loves her. It’s a recipe for disaster and heartbreak. 

Rob spirals and decides to go on a series of dates with girls that he either meets, or his best mate Chris (Morgan Watkins) sets him up with, all to try to figure out if he actually loves Marta enough to propose to her. 

It’s a really terrible scenario, but it’s hard to hate Rob when he’s played by Grantchester’s Al Weaver, whose mother in I’m Not in Love is played by Tessa Peake-Jones, who also plays Mrs. Maguire in the ITV series. 

While I’m Not in Love premiered just in time for Valentine’s Day in the US, it is far from the typical rom-com fare that we’re used to. It’s not quite a dark comedy, but the film certainly takes a more morose approach to comedy. 

The humor has a very British vibe to it, which obviously makes sense, but some of its blase, deadpan jokes and gaffes may not land with a wider audience. Not everyone is into dry deliveries at the expense of a woman whose boyfriend is cheating on her.