Immortality: A Game’s Journey Through The Depths of Cinema

Even if you’ve played director Sam Barlow’s two previous games, Her Story and Telling Lies, you still won’t know what to expect from Immortality.

Like his other titles, Immortality has you scrub through real, live-action footage to get to the bottom of a sinister mystery.

But unlike Barlow’s other two FMV games, Immortality has something much more sinister between each frame.

Immortality follows Marissa Marcel, an actress who shot two films in the late 1960s, and neither film saw the light of day. Marissa then disappeared until she starred in one more film in 1999, before disappearing again.

Scrubbing Through Time

As the investigator, you’re given footage from and surrounding these unreleased films: rehearsal recordings, behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews, script readings, and things of that nature.

You can scrub the footage forwards and backward, pausing whenever you like to enter an ‘Investigation Mode.’ At this point, you’ll be able to hover over any detail you deem important – a face, a candle, an ashtray.

Clicking on these items of interest will zoom in on them and unlock a different scene, jump-cutting to another time and place.

This jump cut is one of the game’s most exciting mechanics. The act of jumping from scene to scene, decade to decade, object to object, can feel disorientating. It’s like being lost in an internet rabbit hole, with one recommended article leading to another ad that leads to another suggested YouTube video.

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