10 Inaccuracies in Movies That Will Make You Question Everything

Have you ever noticed anything in movies that Hollywood doesn't accurately portray? You're not alone.

A Reddit user asked, “What's something that's always wrongly depicted in movies and TV shows?” Over 25,000 people provided their input to give you these top-voted answers.

User massivlybored answered, “Defibrillators are always hilarious because that is never how they work, ever.” Another Redditor added, “Or CPR. Or backboards. Or c-collars. Or intubations.”

Life-Saving Measures

Gromit801 said, “Court questioning and police interrogations.” Ah_Q added, “I've never seen a deposition depicted realistically, probably because actual depositions are usually incredibly boring.”

Legal Proceedings

Ok_Afternoon_5975 answered, “The sound usually used for an eagle call in movies is the call of a red-tailed hawk. Apparently, eagles don't sound majestic enough, so they did the ol' switcheroo.”

Animal Sounds

Graceland1979 said, “Spare time. When do these people work, and where does the money come from?” Automatic_Sky_561 added, “Especially in the morning! So much free time before work!”

Spare Time

One user stated, “The way that apparently, crime labs solve crimes with DNA tests and unlimited access to every camera in every building in the city. Enhance. Enhance more. There it is. Can you focus on the car behind the corner?”

Forensic Science

SleepyMage volunteered, “That the only thing to worry about in space movies is if a planet has oxygen or not. User cutelyaware added, “And the natives speak English.” Flimsy-Preparation85 joked, “Stargate? Is that you? I joke cause Stargate is my #1 show.


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