Indie Game Publisher Loses That NFT Feeling

Indie-game publisher Team17 had big plans for its MetaWorms NFT project. However, the UK-based company didn't anticipate the gamer and developer backlash waiting for it on the other side of its metaverse announcement. Now, Team17 has made a 180-degree turn, canceling its NFT aspirations and seemingly vowing to steer clear of the blockchain.

Team17 is the brand behind gaming titles like Worms, The Escapists, Overcooked, and Gord, to name a few. The publisher decided to kick off its NFT agenda with Worms title, which had over two decades behind it and sold 75 million-plus games. 

It makes sense that Team17 would pick one of its most successful titles that had its start as a PC game in the mid-nineties to capture the worm party in perpetuity.

MetaWorms was designed to be “a generative NFT art project” that would thrust these rare worms straight into the metaverse, where they would exist on the blockchain forever. Buyers would become the owners of unique digital collectibles that could not be replicated and whose value could very well increase thanks to the scarcity feature, as many NFTs before them have done.

Unfortunately, those plans hit a snag when it became clear that gamers and developers lost that NFT feeling if they ever had it in the first place.

The NFT plans were doomed from the start. The gaming community was triggered soon after the Team17 venture unveiled its NFT strategy on Jan. 31. Much of the pushback was documented on social media, where developers like Ghost Town Games, which is behind the Overcooked title, made it clear in no uncertain terms that they “will never engage with NFTs.” The game developers decided that NFTs were an environmental and social hazard.