Every Way Inflation Is Affecting Our Lifestyle

Your income and expenses determine your lifestyle. People's lifestyles have had to change as a result of inflation.

A recent online discussion looks to examine how inflation has affected our lifestyle. As these responses indicate, it's not the same for everyone.

Ebooks Over Hardcovers

The bookworms admit they have adopted more ebooks, with readers recommending the best places to get ebooks, like Libby and The Library, making their top list.

People Cook Their Own Steak

Did you know that two steaks at a grocery store are the price of one at a restaurant? That's what one person revealed. Outside the restaurant, you get more for the same price.


As one user remarks, there's more anxiety about how they can afford to live in the future and whether they should make plans that assume the economy won’t self-implode.

Rent Issues

A user talks about how rent went up 23% last fall in her area. Thinking she had it worse, she attempted bargaining for a discount with the manager of her complex.

Paycheck No More Exciting

A pay raise is no longer considered good news. As a result, one user's paycheck is no longer as exciting. This was not the situation a year before when she was ecstatic over modest increases.

No More Eggs

Everyone knows how the price of eggs has risen dramatically. For many people, eggs are only served on special occasions.

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