Interview: ‘Mass’ Producers J.P. Ouellette & Dylan Matlock on Fran Kranz’s Script and Its Catharsi Story

Fran Kranz’s Mass is one of the most striking films of 2021, as audiences are given an intimate look at two sets of parents dealing with the effects of a school shooting six years later.

I got to chat with the producers J.P. Ouellette and Dylan Matlock of Circa 1888 about their experiences working on the film and what they hope audiences take away from it.

Nicole Ackman: I want to start out by telling you how much I love this film and how impactful I think it is. I managed to snag a ticket for it last year at Sundance and it has been my favorite film of the year ever since. So I'm so excited to get the opportunity to talk to you both about it. First, how did you end up becoming producers?

J.P. Ouellette: It goes all the way back to childhood. I've loved movies since I was seven. They were my babysitter growing up and I ended up pursuing it. I took screenwriting and film courses, I went to film school, and then just jumped in. 

It's all about, you know, driving out to LA and getting that first job. I started as a production assistant, just like everyone else, doing all the small things on set. Then you work your way up through production, doing assistant directing, and then eventually producing after over a decade of hustle and you finally get your big break to go film your own movie.

Dylan Matlock: We grew up kind of during the American independent boom. As kids when you're learning about what a writer does, what a director does, what a producer does, we were so inspired by Sundance. I was like, I’ve got to have a movie at Sundance.