Here Are a Recruiter’s Top Tips to Ace Your First Interview

The Great Resignation saw candidates leaving their roles in droves and an imbalance, with the number of vacancies far exceeding the number of quality candidates.

This led to a shift in power and offered more control to the candidates who are now seeking higher salaries, flexible working, and better benefits packages as a result.

We’ve rounded up our top tips for candidates looking to smash their first job interview in an entirely new industry.

Perhaps you have been undertaking some qualifications alongside your full-time job and now feel that you are qualified to take on a role in a different industry. This shows your determination and ability to self-lead.

Understand Your Reason for Wanting a Career Change

Do some online research, and look at job boards, salary guides, and salary data for your new job role to understand the average salary and requirements of the role.

Have Realistic Salary Expectations

To a certain degree, solid corporate experience in an unrelated role suggests you have transferable skills that could be beneficial. Exposure in a corporate environment can be highly valuable as it can demonstrate the ability to operate at this level and in this setting.

Highlight Your Soft Skills

A warning sign to an employer would be showing that you don’t want to change your approach and that you are not willing to learn or explore scenarios outside of your comfort zone.

Don’t Display Common Red Flags

Getting across your knowledge and transferable skills is key to receiving effective onboarding so that an employer doesn’t patronize or undermine you.

Discuss the Potential Onboarding Process

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