Invest for Success: Where to Place Your Money

It's for those with a lot of money to make even more money. Or for those who get paid large salaries. Nope. Doesn't work like that.

You can invest in many different ways and all kinds of amounts. Granted, at the moment, you might not be in the right position to invest, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic having a devastating impact on certain industries. 

First, You Need Money To Play With

To be able to invest money or divert money to ventures designed to make you more money, you need spare money. This means you may need to look at your life and expenditure and make some cuts to ensure that you have the money you need. 

The Long Term Portfolio

One of the starting points for many novice investors is a long term portfolio. You can usually invest in these through your bank or a provider.  

Go For Gold

Gold is a strange investment. At the moment the price has skyrocketed, which shows you how you can make money if you buy right.   

Precious Art

The trick with art is knowing if an item will increase in value. It's not always possible. And if it is possible, it's because you're a connoisseur who knows exactly how the art market works.  


People also think Bitcoin is the only crypto worth investing in. There are lots more now known as altcoins. These include things like Dent, Basic Attention Token, etc. 

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