Is Andor Better Than The Mandalorian Star Wars Series?

Since the purchase of LucasFilm by Disney, a slough of shows have been added to the Star Wars Universe. The current favorites are The Mandalorian and Andor.

So which one is better? Here are what Star Wars fans have to say about it. 

“It's good, but I enjoy Mandalorian way more.” the first person declared.

“You should have more upvotes—a matter of taste and what you want from a Star Wars TV show. The Mandalorian has many things that make Star Wars fun: Luke, lightsabers, cute baby Yoda, Ashoka, and Boba Fett.”

“After that, it's just nostalgia overload with cool nods to the Western, train action scenes, heists, and some great acting by Bill Burr. Andor is just a different animal."

It makes way more references to sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Fifth Element. It seems to be dwelling on two themes: What is the point that a person will rebel, and what are they willing to sacrifice for imperials?”

“What cost are you willing to pay for security? And is more willing to lose the Star Wars-y things to probe further into the psyche of Star Wars Universe,” said a second user.

“Sure, Andor is fantastic and a better show, but if it wasn't for The Mandalorian, we might still have been getting more, somehow… Palpatine returned!"

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