The Force is Strong with Andor:

Why It’s the Best Star Wars Show Yet

Star Wars fans are raving about Disney's new television series Andor. This is a surprising reaction, considering the unkindness usually tossed at Disney for taking over the Star Wars canon.

Here are what fans have to say about the new show Andor on Disney+. 

Someone suggested, “It transcends Star Wars as far as TV is concerned. If I weren't aware of Star Wars and hadn't been a total SW geek since I was nine, I'd still think this is a great show. It's currently the best TV show and ranks near the top of all-time TV shows."

Star Wars: Andor Transcends

The OP agreed, “It's great! Andor proves many great stories in the SW universe are possible without relying on the things we've seen before. It demonstrates that you'll get one hell of a show with a good script, good actors, and a good crew.”

“It's second only to The Mandalorian in my book. But yes, they should take notes. This is how you make an excellent Star Wars show,” said one.

Andor is Second to Mandalorian for Some

Another agreed, “The Mandalorian is, for me, still the best. I appreciate this side of the storytelling, and I like how it's grittier, but it feels like it's missing something.” “I like The Mandalorian more. But in terms of political content, Andor is best,” a third said.

“Unless they screw up the next two episodes, Andor is up there with A New Hope, and Empire Strikes Back as the very pinnacle of SW writing and execution,” shared one.

Andor is as Great as the Original Trilogy of Other

“Luthen is the most compelling character Star Wars has introduced in decades. The man who did the ugly deeds needed the Rebellion to grow, even if it cost him his humanity. This show doesn't make the OT feel corny or outdated. If anything, it enhances those films by explaining why the Rebellion's fight is so important.”

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