10 Reasons Ben Solo Is Definitely Coming Back

The thing is, at least for me, the most egregious sin of The Rise of Skywalker isn’t even in the fact that the writers killed off Ben Solo.  

No, that dubious honor belongs to Rey and the butchery of her arc for the sake of fanboy comfort. But that is a much longer subject for another day. 

Instead today, in the spirit of keeping it lighthearted, I present the ten reasons Ben Solo is absolutely coming back to life one day. 

Death in Star Wars Isn’t Permanent

It’s not as if he turned into a Force ghost, so all he would have to do is simply rematerialize, no spider leg assembly required! 

“No One’s Ever Really Gone”

They are not speaking of Ben as “gone” in the literal, deceased sense. Rather, Leia is worried that every vestige of what made him who he is is gone and replaced with Kylo Ren. 

He’s a Pretty Popular Character, Anecdotally Speaking

Though the merchandise for the character is few and far between these days, it’s worth noting that when something does come out, it seems to sell out fairly quickly.  

Galaxy’s Edge Feels Strange

Because the story of the land is “set” between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, anyone visiting who sees Kylo Ren stomping around in front of his TIE knows he is somewhere between a few weeks to a few months away from dying. 

His Death Makes Han/Leia a Retroactive Tragedy

Unfortunately, now on the other side of the films, the best-known romantic pairing in Star Wars is pushed right back into that unhappy future. 

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