Is Finance a Good Career Path? An Industry Veteran’s Insight

Is finance a good career path these days? 

One of the most surprising aspects of my two-decade career in financial services at two of the largest brokerage firms was how many career paths there are in the industry.

The financial services industry is not only limited to roles like Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, Finance Analyst, Research Analyst, Investment Banker, Accountant, or other jobs in finance.

Finance is a good career path because there are so many different paths. Many don't even require a finance degree or related coursework. This article explores some lesser-known opportunities in the industry.

Is Finance a Good Career Path? Some Things That Might Surprise You

Many people would be surprised to find out how many career paths there are and how well careers in financial services pay.  A business degree was not necessary for any of the following roles. I do not have a bachelor's degree in finance, yet I did them all. All of this pinballing around raised my income nearly 8x in 22 years.

Financial Advisors need internal customer service. There are many areas within Service.


Many of these roles are reconciling financial data and financial records. These roles include supporting Tax Reporting, Financial Performance Reporting, Money Movement, Financial Statements, Securities Trading, Trade Corrections, Corporate Actions, Retirement Processing, and Fee Billing.


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