Is it OK to do free work for a job interview?

When you are interviewing for a job, you expect to sit down with an interviewer and provide answers to their questions. But in today's corporate world, your interviewer may make a much different request.

Rather than simply rely on the answers you give, the company that is considering hiring you may want you to do some work for free so that they can assess your skills before extending an offer of employment.

While it can be a chance for you to demonstrate why they should hire you, it can also be a situation where you may feel you are being pressured and taken advantage of by the company.

What is an Interview Assignment or Interview Project?

When a company asks you to complete an interview assignment or project, it will be some sort of task representing the type of work you would be doing on the job, should you be hired.

In some cases, it will be an assignment that will only take you an hour or two to complete. But in other cases, it could be an assignment that requires 10 or more hours of your time.

For example, suppose you are interviewing for a marketing or sales job. In that case, the company may want you to develop a few ideas on gaining new customers or increasing sales of a particular product.

When given an interview assignment or project, you will have to meet a deadline given to you by the company. In most cases, this will range from two days to one week, depending upon the complexity of the assignment.

What Does a Company Learn from an Interview Assignment?

Most companies that use assignments as part of their interview process believe that applicants who genuinely want the job will look at this as a chance to put themselves ahead of their competitors

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