Is Investing in Stocks Now the Best Way to Save?

You’ve been diligently tucking away 10 percent of every paycheck into a bank savings account. After three years, you have saved $10,000. But you’ve earned next to nothing, thanks to ultra-low interest rates. 

Then you look at the stock market, and ask yourself, “Why didn’t I invest in Apple shares?”. If you had, your money could have grown by as much as 150 percent. But you’re also asking yourself whether you want to risk the market.

How to Invest and in What

Many say that investing in stocks and shares is easy to get started.Here are some of the major types of securities to consider: -Stock -Mutual fund -Exchange-Traded Fund -Bonds 

Staying the Course vs. Buying and Selling

If you stuck it out with that low-yielding savings account, buy-and-hold investing might be for you. If you’re the more aggressive do-it-yourselfer type, consider an online account that lets you do your trading when you want. There are plenty of trading platforms available, many of which offer online tools, research reports, and low fees.

The Closing Bell

Ultra-low interest rates have rendered savings accounts unprofitable. Increasingly, consumers are turning to securities as an alternative way to save for the future. There are many types of investment vehicles, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs.

There also are many different ways to invest – an online trading platform or a broker, for example. Be mindful not only of investment returns but also of risk and your risk tolerance. Most of all, do your homework before you invest and keep tabs on your securities once you do.

Different ways to invest