Is Job Hopping Bad For Your Career?

For most people, a common way to improve their wealth and finances is through the traditional 9-5 job. 

There can also be assumptions for those who move jobs quickly, that they are difficult to work with, unstable, or don’t respect or care about the company.  

What Is Job-Hopping?

A job hopper is someone who switches jobs every one or two years on their own accord. Prior generations worked for the same employer throughout their entire career, and job-hopping was seen as something negative. 

Why Do People Job Hop?

Most people switch jobs because they are not too happy with their current position and are looking for another opportunity to help grow their careers. 

Naturally, there are benefits of job-hopping but do it too frequently and it could impact you negatively as well.

The Pros Job Hopping

The Cons Of  Job Hopping 

The main disadvantage of changing jobs is that it can be difficult to properly establish yourself. That includes your career, personal and professional relationships. 

Take the time to evaluate and adjust what is currently working and not working, and build a picture of what you want your career to look like. 

The Do’s of  Job Hopping

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