Is Job Hopping Bad For Your Career?

Being labeled a “job hopper” was (and can be) seen as a negative, and many employers would see that as a red flag. After all, as an employer why would you hire someone who will jump ship in a year or less?

A job hopper is someone who switches jobs every one or two years on their own accord. Prior generations worked for the same employer throughout their entire career, and job-hopping was seen as something negative. Nowadays, employees change jobs quite frequently, however, job hoppers tend to switch jobs even more frequently.

What Is Job-Hopping?

Most people switch jobs because they are not too happy with their current position and are looking for another opportunity to help grow their careers.

Why Do People Job Hop?

-Good at adapting -Faster career development -Higher salary

The Pros Job Hopping

-Cannot establish yourself -Never stop -Shorter track record

The Cons Of  Job Hopping 

-Follow a job search methodology -Focus on developing skill

The Do’s of  Job Hopping

-Don’t do it just for the salary -Don’t leave on a bad note -Don’t leave too soon

The Dont’s of  Job Hopping