Is Selling on eBay Better Than Investing in Stocks?

Selling on eBay is a Great Way to Fund Your Investments. Since you don’t have to pick between the two, I suggest selling on eBay and investing in the stock market. You could start a five-figure eBay business with less than $100 starting.

How Does Selling  on eBay Work For most individuals who sell on the platform, you find your items at different places for a low price and list them on eBay at a higher price.

How Does the  Stock Market Work When you purchase a stock at a high level, you’re purchasing a small portion of a company.  The stock price is determined by supply and demand and goes up and down depending on how it does. 

Pros/Cons  of Selling on eBay Pros: You can use the money you make from sales almost instantly. You can build a lucrative business with very little money starting.

Cons: There’s no guarantee that eBay is going to be around forever. Items you list might not sell for a long time.

Pros/Cons of Investing in the Stock Market Pros: Investing in stocks can be very passive. You can lower your taxable income if you invest in certain types of accounts.

Cons: The stock market is very volatile, and you can lose the money you invest if you withdraw it when the market is down. It takes time for your money to grow.

How Do the Two Compare? eBay is only one company, and they could go under any time to make poor business choices. When you invest in index funds, as I do, you own small portions of every publicly traded company out there.