Is She Wrong for Refusing To Let Her Twin Be a Bridesmaid at Her Wedding?

A 25-year-old woman, who uses the Reddit handle @AdAgitated1763, has a fraternal twin whom she was very close to when they were young.

OP laments that while her sister didn't actively pick on or bully her during their high school years; she would stand by with her head down while other teens, who were her friends, ridiculed her twin.

As an example, OP tells of a time when they were getting ready to celebrate their 16th birthday. OP didn't have any friends and didn't want to attend the party, but knew her parents would expect her to be present.

OP's sister offered her $100 to pretend she was sick and not attend. OP, who was happy to ‘miss out' took the money and stayed home.

Incidents like this caused OP to attend a college across the country from her sister.

While her sister tried to ‘keep in touch,' OP said she ignored her because she ‘was very traumatized about losing her sister/best friend.'

OP also said that while she was polite to her sister during school breaks when they were both home, she held her sister at arm's length.

At this point, OP is adamant that she doesn't want her sister to be in her wedding, but her parents think it's a good ‘compromise' to have her twin be a ‘regular bridesmaid.'

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