Ivanka Trump’s Net Worth Will Shock You –

How She Earned It Is Even More Surprising

The first daughter of the infamous Ivana and Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump was born with a golden spoon, but she worked hard to earn her reputation as a respectable woman in her unique way.

Ivanka Trump’s Net Worth

Ivanka and her husband's (Jared Kushner) net worth combined is $800 million. Her annual salary alone is estimated to be $300 million.


She modeled for multiple brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Sasson Jeans, Versace, and more. You probably have seen her in some advertisements in the past. In 1997, she was featured in Seventeen.

Family Business

When she learned the ropes she then joined the family business, which was the Trump Organization. She was the executive vice president of development & acquisition.


Soon after joining the Trump Organization, she wanted to start her own clothing brand since she was an entrepreneur at heart. Not wanting to leave the fashion world, she designed her own jewelry line with Dynamic Diamond Corp.

TV and Books

She has appeared on shows like The Apprentice. Apart from this, she also produced various TV series and books. Most of the TV series are related to her family, which she produces and sells to the TV network for profits.


Her role as an advisor has focused on women’s economic empowerment, working family issues, workforce development, promoting STEM education, and combating human trafficking.

Ivanka Trump – Entrepreneur at Heart

From a young girl to an outstanding woman, Ivanka has achieved many things during her life. She has quite the venture when you see how much work she has put in to accomplish many of her goals.

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