You Need to Know These 3 2022 Job Search Rules (That Didn’t Apply in 2021)

In this ultra-competitive job market, employees are more in-demand than in recent years, and any successful company will be investing heavily in hiring. 

As a senior recruiter working in tech for almost 10 years, I can attest to the fact that candidates often come into an interview process with several offers on the table.

They’re shopping around and asking for what they want, now more than ever. If they can, why can’t you? Here are my new job search rules for 2022. 

We’re done settling in our job searches.

In this job market, you have options. This is the time to evaluate different criteria and reprioritize how you choose your work, based on your life and your values. 

Write your top three most important things down and stick them up near your computer somewhere. In 2022, we’re done settling for jobs that tick only one or two out of three boxes. We want a job that checks them all. 

“Job shopping” is the new job searching.

Now that we’re done settling, our job search strategy becomes one of job shopping, as candidates begin holding employers to a higher standard. 


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