59 Jobs for 13-Year-Olds:

How To Make Money and Gain Independence

While the law says 13-year-olds are too young to work, many are eager to find a gig or two. For some, it is to add to their allowance. For others, it is a chance to get out and do something instead of just staying at home all summer.

Here are some jobs that 13-year-olds can do. Read on for more details!


Blogging is a popular online job for those 13 years of age and above. Platforms like Medium allow teens to create an account, write a blog post about an exciting topic, and monetize it with ads or sponsored content.


Alternatively, 13-year-olds could become authors by contributing stories to platforms like Tapas or Wattpad, where readers can donate money to support authors and pay for exclusive content.

Creative Writing

Budding writers can take on creative writing jobs from sites like Fiverr or Upwork. Here, they'll find various types of writing projects they can manage while being compensated for their efforts!

Mobile App Developer

Becoming a mobile app developer is an excellent way for tech-savvy teens to make money and show off their skills. As long as they have experience with coding, they can build apps and upload them to the appropriate app store.

Music Reviewing

Another great job 13-year-olds can do is a music review on Pitchfork and Rolling Stone platforms. Music reviewers can listen to new tunes before anyone else and earn money by providing honest feedback.

Logo Designing

Logo designers are also in demand nowadays. Businesses need logos to support their brand identity, and teens with a good eye and good design skills can get hold of gigs. Platforms like Behance and Dribble can help you stamp your authority.

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